Chairman 8th WSLO meeting

Dr. Pablo Echarri
8th WSLO meeting

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to receive you again in Barcelona.

The most important thing for me is that you have put your trust in me again for the organization of this important event because it means that you have valued our work as President of the 6th ESLO meeting in Barcelona and as Chairman of the 4th WSLO meeting in Buenos Aires.

The community of lingual orthodontists is really a group of prestigious professionals who have agreed to be friends and share knowledge, experiences and moments that have ended up being unforgettable happening to be part of the history of our lives. This is what we hope to get back to: when we meet again after this congress, greet me as now and tell me how well we spent the night of the Park Güell party in Barcelona or how we had fun tango dancing in Buenos Aires . By the way the book that we made of the congress of Buenos Aires is a reference for all the new lingual orthodontists.

On the other hand WSLO began in Barcelona in 2004, with Didier Fillión, Jean-Francoise Leclerc, Kyoto Takemoto, Giuseppe Scuzzo, Hee-Moon Kyung, Mario Paz, Silvia Geron, Marcelo Marigó and myself as founding members for what ends up being Our emblematic city and we can celebrate here our 15 years as a society. Of course we will have a 15 years celebration party.

This time we will hold the event in the World Trade Center which is an emblematic site of the city and next to the Mediterranean Sea.

As a theme for the meeting I thought that we should explain why we like and practice lingual orthodontics because we think it is beneficial for our patients, as it has evolved to achieve spectacular results so the theme of the congress is "Why Lingual Orthodontics?" And I would like all the lecturers to dedicate their lectures to the advantage of the technique, but I would love to dedicate the last minutes of their speeches to say four words that is what lingual orthodontics has contributed to their professional and personal lives.

I encourage the new generations to present cases in the form of posters, to be members of the society or to be members of the board of WSLO.

It is my wish to continue having the support of the industry that they have deposited in me throughout all these years as President of ESLO, as Chairman of the WSLO or as President of AIO and SIAOL. Without your continued support none of this would have been possible.

You will be all welcome so do not miss the opportunity to visit Barcelona and meet friends and colleagues from all over the world. And it will be summer, so do not forget the swinsuit.

A warm greeting


Dr. Jean-François LeClerc
President of the WSLO